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WKLM - West Holmes Student Spotlight

Sep 21 2022

Zeke Galbraith

WKLM Safety Spotlight

Sep 20 2022

9-20-22 Lt Roberts- Recent Fatalities and Passing busses with their lights on

WKLM Safety Spotlight

Sep 15 2022

9-15-22 Chief Shaner- Foggy Weather, Hiring, Aux Officers, Antique Fest and Jeep Jamboree

WKLM Safety Spotlight

Aug 31 2022

8-31-22 Lt Roberts- Labor Day Weekend travel

WKLM Safety Spotlight

Aug 23 2022

8-23-22 Lt Roberts- School Bus Safety; New Law about Horse Drawn Vehicle Lighting

WKLM Safety Spotlight

Aug 18 2022

8-18-22 Chief Shaner- School Safety

WKLM Safety Spotlight

Aug 17 2022

8-17-22 Coreena Johnson, West Holmes HS and MS parking lot flow change and Bus Safety; How to be a bus driver

WKLM Safety Spotlight

Jun 22 2022

6-22-22 Storm Updates with Commissioner Dave Hall

East Holmes Superintendent Report

Feb 1 2022

Garaway Superintendent Report

Jan 28 2022

West Holmes Superintendent Report

Jan 18 2022


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